VoIP … Should We Switch?

The buzz these days is all about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  VoIP is a revolutionary technology that is changing they people run their business, but are you ready for it and will you benefit from it?

“VoIP will eliminate my long distance charges…” – Not true!  VoIP may create ways to limit or reduce your long distance charges, but it will not eliminate them.  A VoIP telephone system, along with other new technologies that we offer through telephone service providers can work together to possibly eliminate these charges, however your usage needs to be analyzed on an individual case basis to determine what amount of savings this technology will create.

“My network runs great, VoIP should work fine in our environment…” – Not true!  Unlike 99% of the data that a company pushes across their network, VoIP conversations are real-time applications that will exploit and even exaggerate any network issues you may have that go unnoticed with day to day data traffic.  A network assessment from Warwick will benchmark, test, and evaluate your readiness for VoIP.

“All VoIP systems are the same…” – Not true!  VoIP comes in many varieties, it is important to work with partners that can offer all types of VoIP offerings, so you are assured that you are receiving a recommendation that is tailored to your business, not the system that partner wants to sell you.  VoIP can be provided in a hosted environment, as 100% IP based premise equipment, or as a hybrid solution offering IP, digital, and analog connectivity.

VoIP can provide flexibility, efficiency, superior customer service, and cost savings, all of which makes the move to this technology attractive.  Warwick has created consistent approach to evaluating each business individually to make sure all aspects of the project are being considered and addressed, ensuring a successful implementation.

Submitted By: Ryan Shorts

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