“C.” how Warwick can put you on the right “TRAC!”

C.TRAC Information Solutions, headquartered in Strongsville, Ohio, assists clients with increasing revenue through innovative direct marketing and database initiatives.  As a progressive company, they are dedicated to providing flexibility to their prospects and clients.  According to Bob Kubicki, the COE and partner in C. TRAC, “As our business grew and technology changed, our need to provide our workforce with the best available communication option put us in the direction of the VoIP world.”    

C.TRAC wanted to employ VoIP technology so their employees could enjoy greater freedom and flexibility.  “Through VPN’s and other resources, employees are constantly connected with the home office network,” Mr. Kubicki remarked.   He said that VoIP seemed like a natural fit since it would provide employees the flexibility to work from home and help provide a work/life balance.
Although C.TRAC had been using a digital telephone system from Warwick, due diligence called for them to look at other vendors.  After researching several options, C.TRAC selected a hosted VoIP system from a different vendor.  With a hosted solution the actual telephone system would be hosted off site, with connections from the off-site location to C.TRAC’s office.  Above and beyond the inherent benefits of VoIP, the hosted solution was chosen in part because C.TRAC has a very comprehensive disaster recovery plan and the idea of the equipment being housed elsewhere was appealing.

“It turned out to be probably one of the worst technical decisions that I’ve made here in my 30 years,” Mr. Kubicki recalled.  “The system was inconsistent at best - miserable at its worst.  We were constantly having issues with call quality, lost calls and lost faxes.” 

The hosted service provider was unable to fulfill requests for updates and service orders, and eventually left the hosted VoIP business altogether.  C.TRAC immediately began to retrace our steps, searching for another solution.  After examining several possible options, they decided to replace their underperforming hosted solution with a Mitel 5000 VoIP solution from Warwick Communications.  “I was back to Warwick because of the great relationship we had with them,” Kubicki explained.  “As a business owner,  I always get three competing proposals and Warwick came out on top with the greatest options and features for the best price.”

With the use of IP Softphones, a software based phone on a laptop, employees can work from the office, home, coffee shop, airport, or anywhere else while on the road.  Employees can communicate with clients and prospects regardless of their geographic location, with all incoming and outgoing calls originating from headquarters in Strongsville.  Users also have faxes and voicemails sent directly to their laptops through Mitel’s Unified Messaging application.  Mitel’s Attendant Console, which is software that provides an attendant a high level of control over incoming calls, provides a “birds-eye” view of the status of all employees and how their calls are being handled.

Mr. Kubicki describes his experience working with Warwick as very positive.  “Warwick has always been a professional and extremely responsive organization.  They do a great job.  They are proud of what they do, they manage their time along with other people’s time very well.  If we have a need, if we have a question, if we have a desire to expand - Warwick’s always been there for us!”

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