Our Customers Speak for Our Solutions (An Oaisys Call Recording Case Study)

The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), which serves the Canton, Ohio area, has a proud history as an agency that has set the benchmark for excellence in the transportation industry. SARTA maintains a strong focus on fulfilling their primary mission—providing safe, responsive and efficient transportation for all citizens of Stark County. SARTA has received industry recognition for their efforts, having been awarded the "2006 Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Award" by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).
SARTA provides general bus service to area citizens as well as paratransit service for those citizens with disabilities. SARTA runs approximately 100 buses almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week and employs a workforce of about 200, with 50 to 75 of those being administrative staff and the rest transit drivers.
SARTA maintains its superior level of service by ensuring all facets of their operations are working at peak  performance, including their communications. When SARTA made the decision to implement Voice over IP (VoIP) technology at two of their transit sites, they discovered their existing call recording solution would no longer meet their needs.

Jeff Heimberger, SARTA Information Systems Assistant, said, “We were previously on another vendor’s product, and  we were planning on going to IP phones at two of our transit sites. In order to record those two [sites], we had to switch to a new technology because our old vendor did not support VoIP.”Warwick Communications, an OAISYS Authorized Reseller, recommended Tracer, the professional interaction management and call recording solution. Tracer automatically records, stores and organizes telephone conversations, providing multiple benefits to any business environment. Call monitoring, playback and evaluation, report generation, search functionality and much more can all be conducted through Tracer’s highly intuitive user interface.

“Our phone vendor here in the area that supports our Toshiba system recommended we go with OAISYS Tracer. We worked with OAISYS in the past with our ACD group, and had been fairly confident in OAISYS as a company, so we decided to take a look at it and it ended up being a good solution for us,” Heimberger explained.


In addition to the basic technology fit, a feature of the Tracer solution that was especially desirable to SARTA was the ability for users to review their own calls. Also, Tracer’s VOX recording capabilities, which addresses radio communications commonly used in dispatch facilities, transportation networks and 911 centers, was key for SARTA.

“The paratransit department has the ability to listen to their own calls and can critique their own ability to provide customer service. So, any day they can go back and listen to previous calls if the supervisor requests that they listen to those. That’s a definite feature we enjoy. Also, recording all the radio communications is important for the transportation department. The ability for basically all supervisors and directors to log in at any PC and listen to those communications at any point has been good,” Heimberger said.

Ensuring superior customer service is a key concern for SARTA, especially for their paratransit operations, and they have found that Tracer has helped to improve performance in that area. Heimberger explained, “In paratransit, it’s  very important to be responsive to our clients. The assistant manager that is part of that department listens to calls regularly and they have meetings based on those calls. It’s a simple part of the product, but that alone has encouraged significant customer service increases.”

Another Tracer feature that SARTA found especially useful was the ability to share specific segments of a call, which is made possible through patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology. “If a transit supervisor is listening to radio communications and they hear something of significance that the director should hear, they can simply select that call and share it with the director. When the director logs in he has an inbox, kind of like Outlook or an e-mail client, and he sees that call right away. Rather than getting a call or an e-mail from somebody saying ‘listen to this call at [this] date [and] time,’ he can just have it right there. So, if the supervisor says, ‘you need to listen to yourself—here’s the part of the call I want you to listen to,’ they can share just a portion of the call,” said Heimberger.

During the time SARTA was exploring the need for a new call recording solution, OAISYS was engaged in beta trials for the latest release of the Tracer software. SARTA agreed to participate in the beta testing, since the feature enhancements offered were a perfect fit for their outlined requirements and they had enjoyed a positive experience with other OAISYS solutions.

“The technology aspect of moving to VoIP was a large driver…and all of our specs were covered. [Tracer] recorded all VoIP, all radio communications, all VOX recording; it was almost just a smooth transition. We didn’t think much of the fact that it was in beta. We have had the opportunity to be in beta [trials] with other software as well, so we’re used to the process and understand the challenges that go with beta testing. It wasn’t a big deal, especially since we know  OAISYS is a good company and we had our local phone vendor working with us pretty closely on a daily basis during the implementation,” shared Heimberger.

Don Bowling, SARTA’s Manager of Information Systems, agreed that the entire process seemed to run exceptionally smooth. “Jeff did the majority of the work on that, but observing him from my perspective, there were a lot of  updates, they were timely updates, and all the service calls and contact calls with OAISYS were handled pretty quickly and efficiently,” Bowling elaborated.

Bowling also noted that Tracer presented significant improvements over the previous solution SARTA was using. “We did have more problems with the [previous vendor’s] system, [including] complaints and comments that it was difficult to use and that there were some glitches that were unexplained. [Tracer] is much cleaner,” he said.

Heimberger found the Tracer system remarkably easy to administer, a welcome change from other software solutions SARTA had used. “From our side of things on administration, I think it’s been nice to have the ability to use it on our own PC, or on any PC we’re at, logging in as the user and having administrative rights. On previous software we’ve had, you have to actually go to the physical server side and administer the product. It was easy to use, easy to learn—after you did it once or twice it was quit easy to administer,” Heimberger said.

SARTA is dedicated to demonstrating efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of transportation services to the citizens of Stark County, and the Tracer solution from OAISYS has proven to be a valuable resource in helping the agency to achieve that important goal.

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