What is Virtualization?

It’s one of the words you hear all the time, but what it actually means is still a mystery.  So what is server virtualization?  Virtualization is a technology, mainly software, which allows a single piece of hardware to host multiple servers.  Virtualization software like VMware or Hypervisor acts as an underlying management software that partitions the resources of a physical server and makes them available to multiple virtual servers.  Each virtual server runs its own instance of an operating system like Microsoft Server and operates independent of other virtual servers on the hardware.

  • Multiple physical servers that require power, maintenance, and rack space can be consolidated on to one machine.
  • Rather than investing in two or three servers with average redundancy and availability a company can invest in one server with best in class features.
  • Virtual servers can be created on the fly once the hardware is in place.  If your needs change and you find yourself needing a server, a virtual server can be brought online within hours.

If you are a company that runs multiple servers, has a server that is 3+ years old, or forecast growth over the next couple of years then you should be investigating virtualization.

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