How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Coming Along?

New Year's Resolutions for 2012

Did you make some New Year's Resolutions this year? Are they still fresh in your mind or have they started to fade?

Many of us start each year with tremendous optimism. It's a world of possibility. It's a chance to right the wrongs of the previous year, to improve as a person, or a nice way to set yourself on the right path.

Unfortunately, for many, that all starts to fade towards the end of January. Sometimes you lose site of the optimism, the path, or just simply get too caught up in the daily grind.

We're not going to let that happen, though. Today, we're going to share Warwick's Resolutions for 2012. We're going to keep them fresh in mind throughout the year and we're going to revisit them in December. So, without further adieu...

Warwick's Resolutions for 2012

  1. Improve Internal & External Communication - Communication is one of those things that everyone thinks they do well, but few actually do. There's an art to communicating quickly and well. Throughout the company, we're going to do more to communicate amongst ourselves and with all of you.
  2. Focus on Customer Satisfaction - From time to time, we like to send surveys to our customers and we really take those results to heart. Most people would say our satisfaction rate is already high, but there's always room for improvement. We wouldn't be here without our customers and we need to continue to show that appreciation.
  3. Be More Active in the Community - It's easy to get so wrapped up in the day-to-day needs of the business, staff, and customers, that we often forget that a business is a part of the community. We're going to remember that and do what we can to improve the community around our business.


4 responses to “How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Coming Along?

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    You got me thinking about that Clorox commercial where it shows the women doing the laundry throughout time. They slip that line in there about "your grandmother did it, your mother did it...and occasionally a man has done it..." Even today, advertisers fall on that old image where men don't do any cleaning.Ad agencies definitely need some fresh blood in their ranks, if this is the best they can do.

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