Software to Ramp Up Your Mitel® Call Center

Hardware can go a long way, but today's technology can make even more of an impact with the right software solution. Telephone systems, in particular, can utilize and integrate with a wide variety of applications that mitigate cost, improve performance, and simplify daily tasks.

Warwick delivers a comprehensive solution for call centers. The solution combines Mitel® communications platforms, automatic call distribution (ACD), and a modular suite of feature-rich, web-based applications for streamlining contact center management and resolving customer inquiries from the first point of contact. You can even connect with Microsoft® Lync™.

Key Features:

  • ACD Statistics
  • Workforce Management (Agent Scheduling)
  • Call Treatment Creation
  • Agent Softphone Software
  • Virtual Queue So Customers Can Wait Without Staying on the Line
  • Direct Integration With Oaisys Call Recording


Product Demo - Contact Center for Mitel


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