Choosing a Hosted Phone System

A workable phone system is integral to the success of your company but can present many challenges. The capital expenditures, complicated configurations, and maintenance requirements of self-hosted systems can take a toll on a burgeoning business. Hosted solutions remove most of that hassle and give you a complete solution that's easy, affordable, and ready to use right away.

Your success with hosted phone services depends largely on the provider you select. It's vitally important to choose a provider than has the functionality, the bandwidth, and the support staff to meet or exceed your communication needs.

Learning the Hard Way

Pixel Productions Inc. found this out the hard way. This brand development firm opted to forgo the capital expenditure they would have needed to set up an on-site phone system, opting instead for cloud-hosted services. Unfortunately, they focused on price as their top priority and suffered the consequences.

Pixel first went with the hosted VoIP with the lowest possible starting costs, but the system wasn’t designed to handle their call volume. They also experienced serious problems with call quality. In the end, the company moved to a different provider, but had problems there as well. Since their second choice offered no on-site assistance, the new equipment was not set up properly and the quality suffered. Pixel staffers also complained the second provider did not have all of the features they needed.

What You Should Look for in Hosted VoIP Business Phone Services

  • Professional installation and ongoing support
  • Free software upgrades throughout the life of your equipment
  • Line clarity and connection reliability
  • Multiple phone support
  • Unlimited usage with voicemail
  • Direct in-dialing, 3-way calling and conference calls
  • Advanced call reporting
  • Call recording and disaster recovery
  • Comprehensive administrative controls

Making It Work For You

Reliable, professional providers should be able to provide a reasonable amount of on-site assistance. Before making a final decision, invite the company to your place of business for a true look at what equipment and features you’ll really need. Ask for a thorough breakdown of equipment costs, installation fees, monthly service payments, and additional expenses to get a grasp of what your savings truly will be.

How well you're able to connect with your customers has a significant impact on your business. Unfortunately, running a professional business phone system is often ignored when you first consider getting your business off the ground. Consider the savings and convenience of having someone like Warwick manage your communication needs.


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