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The modern workforce relies on connectivity, accessibility, and integrated communications to maximize productivity. To compete in the modern marketplace, you need more than a simple phone extension and voicemail box. Customers, partners, and employees expect more. With tools like simultaneous and sequential ring sequences, Unified Communications applications provide seamless solutions to address connectivity needs.

Unified Messaging allows users to monitor one application for incoming voicemail, fax, and email messages. Voicemails are delivered in .WAV format, faxes are delivered in .PDF format, and emails remain in native form. This single message store increases user productivity and makes it easier to create a universal archive.

Desktop Applications allow users to integrate their PC with the telephone system. This introduces the ability to dial numbers from a single click on the screen, to present messages for inbound calls in Outlook or CRM Applications, to offer a secure instant messaging client for internal use, and to initiate web conferencing on the fly.

Warwick has the expertise and the tools to help you plan & implement the right Unified Communications applications. Take your organization to a whole new level of mobility and connectivity.

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