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We are pleased to announce that the Warwick Team is growing, again!   Amy Conison is jumping into her new role as Project Manager. Once with Mitel, she brings extensive experience in the MITEL 3300 and hospitality products.  Amy primarily works from our Columbus office, which suits this Ohio State University alum just fine! When asked how she would describe herself, she exudes project manager mentality…

“I’m very family-oriented, whether it’s my family at home or my “work” family. I always try to keep a positive attitude, I like to be organized and typically will be on time or the first one to show up for any scheduled event.”

Whether it is a family event, friendly function, or intense work project, Amy enjoys tackling it all. It is abundantly clear that she has a true passion for project management! We are thrilled to have Amy join our exceptional team of project managers as the demand for our IT services grows.

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