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Regular Bill Reviews

Bills can be difficult to read with all of the different categories of service and the many different terms used by a service provider.  To create some clarity, and to ensure that you are actually receiving the service which you are paying for on a monthly basis, and to be certain that you are on the most recent plan of service; ask your provider to perform a bill review with you.  Do this at least twice a year.  At that time, ask if there are any promotions or special pricing that you qualify for.  This is also a time to request any change in the design of your bill; you may opt to go “Green” and receive an electronic bill or you may want to have your bill segregated by services, or by location.  For these reasons and others, regular bill reviews are valuable.

Understanding a T-1

With the internet being a necessary component of any business today, most businesses opt for the “always” on reliability of a T-1 circuit.  This circuit is the medium by which all of the employees can communicate and share information, as well as utilize various software applications.  This circuit is an “always on”, symmetrical connection that permits you to download with speed of up to 1.5 Mbps; and upload at the same speed.  Symmetrical means that you can download and upload at the same speed; which allows the business to be more efficient.   Unlike a DSL, the T-1 connection is not impacted by distance or external users in the vicinity, it is a dedicated connection used solely by your business.  The  T-1 can be used to carry voice or data, or both with the proper equipment. For businesses that rely heavily on their data connection, a   T-1 circuit is a good investment.

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Fidelity Voice & Data (Warwick Partner)

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