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You may have noticed by now – but in case you missed it – we recently overhauled the look, feel and design of our website. In addition to demonstrating our commitment to evolving with the times, trends and latest technologies, we’re also dedicated to continually improving the experiences our clients and partners have with the team here at Warwick.

If you have a moment, please feel free to take a look at the enhancements and click through the improvements we’ve made. Otherwise, read on to quickly learn more.

Features and Functions

A Responsive Design

Depending on where you are and the time of day, you might be visiting our website via your mobile phone, a desktop computer or a handheld tablet. To ensure that our website and its content is easily viewable and navigable across devices, we’ve implemented a responsive website design. This simply means that the content will respond, or scale, to fit the size of your screen. Using a responsive design, a site visitor won’t have to strain to read content on a smartphone, nor will the experience vary drastically from what is expected on a desktop or tablet browser.

Easy Access to Our Team

One of the top reasons a user will visit a website is to contact someone, whether that be via form, email or phone. And conversely, one of the top reasons that a user will leave a website is if he or she cannot find contact information. To make it quick and easy for our clients and partners to reach us, we’ve added contact forms to every page, our primary phone number to the upper right-hand corner of our site and a brand new “Our Team” section that helps you put a name to a face and – perhaps more importantly – an email address to a name.


Purposeful Navigation Menus

For this website redesign, we made sure we did our homework: we analyzed our data, we asked the important questions and consulted with experts and resources that would guide us in creating an online experience that is purposeful, intuitive and easy-to-use. Using what we know to be important to our site visitors, and organizing it in a way that makes sense, we created an interface that will allow visitors to find the information they need so they can get on with their days and business.

Helpful, Educational Resources

Oftentimes, our site visitors are the experts in what they do, and not necessarily in what we do. From buzzwords to industry jargon, it can be difficult to keep up with information technology trends, infrastructure and telecommunication challenges as well as ways to transform and optimize digital business needs. With this in mind, we designated the following areas of our website to ensure accessible, on-demand resources:

The Warwick Story

In addition to improving our website, we’ve helped to advance the mission and vision of the Warwick story – to grow as an organization, to support our clients and partners and to continue to evolve as an Ohio technology expert serving other Ohio businesses. We’re proud of our history and we’re proud that our new website is a better reflection of it.

To learn more about us, from our new website to our capabilities or to speak with a member of our team, contact us.

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