SMB Network Security

SMB Network Security

It never ceases to amaze me the different opinions on what makes a network secure.  For SMB companies, network security is a challenge because budgets do not allow for sophisticated security technologies.

3 Tips to Improve SMB Network Security

Below are a few simple tips that all SMB companies should follow to keep their networks secure:

Subscribe to or purchase a business class anti-virus product

Many businesses use a free anti-virus or one without management software.  Without a business class product, you cannot confirm that your anti-virus software is updating correctly.  Do you really want to take a chance that your data is secure?

Keep up with Windows updates

Microsoft is constantly releasing security patches for all its products.  Failure to install these fixes or enhancements can leave your network open for disaster.   You can even deploy a management tool to assist in making sure all PCs are up to date.

Filter your email

As much as 90% of email that comes into a business is spam.  Spam can deliver viruses, spyware, and other malware that can harm your network.  There are hosted and premise-based devices that will filter your email to keep these messages from contaminating your network.  Outgoing mail can also be filtered to make sure your network is not sending out mass emails that may be caused by a virus, or even scan messages to make sure proprietary content isn’t being mailed offsite.

A complete security assessment would uncover other areas of network vulnerability, but these basic tips are a step in the right direction.  You lock your doors to keep your home safe, make sure you are “locking” your network too!