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Two things are sure with the technology industry, it is ALWAYS changing and there are ALWAYS glitches. Therefore, having qualified IT experts is a must to provide the best service to customers. That IT expert at Warwick Inc. is Mike Johnson, who earned the lofty title of Chief Problem Solver. He is essentially the superman of the office, saving companies from hidden IT issues and creating systems to head off problems before they begin. Mike also creates custom networks that are tailored to the demands of a client’s company, allowing everyone within that company to perform at maximum efficiency. We all have that one friend who is a technology genius with seemingly endless knowledge of all things digital. Mike Johnson puts those tech gurus to shame with his ability to create network solution designs that entire companies rely on.

Matt Wilson who is one of Mike’s Clients said it perfectly, “Mike has completely eliminated (spam) concern for me and even saved my company money in the process. This is the one guy you want to have on your speed dial” (March 4, 2008).

Mike’s background is surprisingly modest; he worked his way up from an IT Manager position at Warwick 12 years ago, after graduating from Ohio University with his B.B.A. However, Mike is very different from the typical professional that works their way up the ladder. Most people don’t know that he is a reliable and knowledgeable entrepreneur who started his own Information Technology consulting firm on the side. Although he is a busy expert in the growing technology industry, Mike still carves out time for skills-based volunteering (pro bono consulting). He is currently looking to make an impact by joining a nonprofit board.

Warwick is proud to have such a passionate, educated, and creative IT Chief Problem Solver to support our clients’ individual needs. For a network diagnosis or consultation please reach out to us!

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