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Hacking and cyber attacks occur every day, regardless of industry of business size. One of the first lines of defense against hackers is making sure you have secure passwords for all your logins.

In order to create a safe and secure password, it’s important to understand just how passwords get hacked. Warwick is providing a complimentary resource detailing how passwords get hacked, and how you can create a secure password to help protect you from vulnerabilities.

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Passwords: Your Greatest Vulnerability

Dedicated Cybersecurity Expertise

Most businesses lack the budgets, skills or resources to have an in-house expert devoted solely to cybersecurity.

Warwick provides proactive, preventative maintenance and technology you need to secure your business from costly cyber attacks. Some of the benefits offered by Warwick include:

  • Multi-layered threat protection and prevention, as well as a resiliency plan
  • Simplified management of your business’ cybersecurity plan
  • Adherence to requirements for compliance in your industry, including HIPAA

In addition to our fully Managed IT Security option, Warwick offers cybersecurity training for employees. We’ll train your staff to spot suspicious phishing attempts and help you develop security protocols that will protect the company from employees’ blind spots.

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