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What Are Your Network’s Weak Points?

Warwick can run a test against the most common attack points to let you know how secure your network really is and greatly reduce your risk exposure.

  1. Is your network opening you up to an attack from unmonitored and out-of-date computers or user accounts? Warwick can tell you where revisions and updates are needed.
  2. Is your password policy making you an easy target? Warwick can identify practices that require change.
  3. Are your servers and workstations properly patched? Research shows that 99% of vulnerabilities exploited in breaches had an unused patch that was available for over a year.
  4. Is an AntiVirus/AntiMalware solution installed throughout your environment and updating regularly? Users can intentionally or unintentionally become a threat to your system’s security.
  5. Is anything stopping users or a guest from directly accessing your server/infrastructure hardware? Physical security is a big deterrent.
  6. Would employees know if they had been tricked into giving out IP or company information resulting in a hack or ransomware attack? Employee training is a critical part of Risk Management and Security.

How Your Business Can Benefit From a Free Network Assessment

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