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A call center is oftentimes the heart of an organization. It may be the place where a customer has their first brand interaction post-purchase, or where a potential customer schedules an appointment, voices an opinion or acquires information. And in creating a cohesive omni-channel experience, it’s imperative that the customer service your brand provides online and in-person aligns with what customers hear over-the-phone.

We Are Contact and Call Center Experts

Warwick is a full-service business technology solutions provider. We design and implement communications solutions for call centers that improve efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the call center technology that Warwick uses includes options that can greatly improve the customer experience.

These options include:

  • Call quality and clarity with VoIP
  • Call reliability and network strength
  • Multi-channel communications, including email, online chat and social media
  • Workforce management solutions
  • Call monitoring and recording solutions
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routing (speech-enabled interactivity to route calls, provide self-service options and convey automated messages such as expected wait times)
  • Screen pops containing caller and account details on the agent’s screen during a call
  • Systems integration, such as CRM, CMS, AP/AR, ERP and more

Warwick’s offers both on-premise as well as Cloud-based call or “contact center” solutions. No matter your goals, our pros can assist. Contact us today to learn more about our contact and call center solutions.

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