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The Warwick Voice-as-a-Service Solution

Lattice, Warwick’s wholly integrated Voice-as-a-Service program, is a flexible solution that bundles your communication system and provides ongoing, proactive support throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

Developed as an alternative to a costly upfront capital expenditure, Lattice allows a worry-free, future-proof option that helps you focus on the success of your business, not the technology.

Featuring a once-per-month subscription agreement, Lattice covers all your voice hardware, software, and support needs, eliminating the necessity for in-house expertise and potential break-fix costs. Lattice features include:

  • The voice communications system
  • Ongoing system support
  • Database back-up & restore
  • Access to software updates
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Unlimited remote requests
  • Remote monitoring and proactive management*

*Exclusive to Premium Level clients

Lattice evolves with the voice needs of your business as well as the ever-changing technology landscape.

Warwick helps businesses through the entire voice solution process, from consultative services and evaluation, to implementation, support and beyond. Contact us  today to learn more about Lattice.


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