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The connection between downtime and lost revenue is substantial. System outages and cybersecurity issues accounted for a loss of up to $40,000 per hour for 25% of small businesses and up to $50,000 per hour for 10% of small businesses. No organization can afford to take that kind of hit, but many still aren’t as prepared as they should be.

If you’ve decided to make improvements to your IT strategy but aren’t sure where to begin, that’s okay! This process starts with evaluating your current infrastructure, which is where we first step in. From there, through the execution of your IT Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy, we’ll work proactively to keep your company connected. As the premier managed IT service provider in Ohio, we rely solely on industry best practices while considering what makes the most sense for your business operations.

Find out how a backup and disaster recovery plan can impact your bottom line.

Secure Data Recovery in Cleveland, OH

Many companies are hit the hardest by losing files, operating systems, and other critical data — all of which can result from accidental deletion, ransomware attack, or even human error or a natural disaster. Continuous replication of data files into a data storage system ensures your files aren’t gone forever in the event of a disaster.

You have a few options to consider. Cloud backup keeps growing in popularity and is cost-effective. This solution relies on an offsite third party to host and make copies of data, which takes a huge burden off your business. The flip to this is having your data center hosted and controlled on-premises within your company servers. It’s very common to see businesses with hybrid cloud storage. If you’re unsure if you should move to the cloud, you’re certainly not alone. System maintenance, cost, and overall security are all major considerations. Warwick will help you evaluate your business needs and budget to decide which solution is right for you.

IT Disaster Recovery

Even with the best plan, your IT infrastructure isn’t completely immune to human error. So, not only do you need a plan that accounts for preventing data loss, but one that is also easily deployable once a disaster or downtime occurs. A well-oiled disaster recovery solution has defined processes for regaining access to files and functionality. You or your managed service provider will need to assess the impact and decide how to move forward in a way that will achieve business continuity. It’s important to note that Cleveland data recovery and backup work best in tandem, as their processes can support one another to best protect you.

Feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead? Hiring a data backup provider in Ohio is a major undertaking — one that you don’t (and shouldn’t) go at alone. Instead, choose Warwick Communications for IT services near you in Cleveland, Canton, Columbus, and beyond. We offer a technological fortitude that minimizes your downtime and helps you stay connected, safe, and inspired. Contact us today to schedule an audit to learn more about data recovery in Cleveland and our managed IT services.

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Define and establish priorities

We understand that our clients’ needs are unique and fluid, so we leverage our approach to understand which solutions are primary and which are secondary? Our experience and method to problem-solving are second to none and remove the ambiguity associated with IT decisions. Warwick offers comprehensive solutions centered around strengthening your IT foundation and positioning you to scale efficiently.

Stomping out surprises

One thing we can all agree on is that a transparent monthly billing structure is easier to plan for than an hourly “well…every situation is different” type arrangement. At Warwick, we believe the level of IT support and services should not depend on how much you’re willing to spend. We are making IT as a service, easy and enjoyable to provide a level of serenity to all Cleveland businesses. That’s why we offer simple, yet comprehensive packages with transparent pricing. Forget the hidden fees and upcharges. We charge based on the set plan and adjust quarterly, depending on your business position and goals.

Scalable for companies of all shapes & sizes

After Warwick completes a network assessment, observes your processes, and understands the destination we define a clear roadmap, including areas for improvement, strengths, and weaknesses. We then organize our findings into projects and ongoing management initiatives which allow us to define a simple, monthly rate that scales as you grow. Eliminating the confusing, long-winded service agreements that are only understood by a team of lawyers. We deliver your solution in a voice that you will understand and appreciate, giving you the information you want to implement the systems you need to be productive and scale.

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