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If you’re currently utilizing Toshiba’s IP Edge or CIX Systems, please get in touch with Warwick as soon as possible. Your system, including associated phones, card, application servers and software is being phased out by Mitel. The current phase out schedule is as follows:

End of Warranty Support to all Toshiba Systems

Future-Proof Your Technology

Ensure you have the high performance and stability needed to support your business today and in the future, no matter how your needs change and grow.

Special Pathway Program Offer for Toshiba Customers:

For a limited time, Toshiba customers may enjoy incentives to migrate from their existing CIX & IPEdge legacy systems to a new premise solution or hosted platform. Program benefits are for initial purchase of MIVoice Business or MiCloud Connect.

Contact Warwick today for more information and to find out what solution may be right for your business.

*Some restrictions may apply.

  • Warwick and Mitel are offering special promotions to make transitioning from your Toshiba System easier.

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How Warwick is handling the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation