Voice Over IP (VoIP) System Solutions
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Voice over IP (VoIP) is the new industry standard for voice communications, and it is opening up new channels of communication in small & large businesses.

Remote offices & remote workers can be seamlessly integrated into their corporate telephone system, giving them access to key features like direct-dial extensions, voicemail, unified messaging, and audio & web conferencing services.

Organizations with multiple offices can be connected over a single voice network, a luxury that was once only available to the largest companies in the world. VoIP makes it possible to create a unified platform that ignores the physical distance between locations, and provides a seamless user experience for those inside and outside of the organization.

If your company is expanding, relocating, or just cleaning house, VoIP is a great way to reduce infrastructure expenses. By allowing all of your voice and data platforms to run on a single IP network, it eliminates the need to run multiple cables to each workstation.

It’s no wonder, then, why VoIP is the new standard. The technology has provided so many innovative solutions that it is reinventing the telecommunications industry. As voice traffic continues to migrate to data networks, it is important to choose a partner that has the expertise and ability to accomplish your organizational goals.

Warwick has been a leader in voice communications and data networking for many years and its staff has all the tools to help you plan & implement the right technology. Warwick is not limited to offering a single brand and trying to fit your needs into the structure and limitations of a single system. Warwick is able to analyze your needs and match you with technology offered by well-respected brands like Mitel, Toshiba, and Iwatsu.

Warwick also excels at developing a plan to reduce expense or provide phased implementations. Warwick can even migrate legacy technology such as digital and analog telephones over to an IP platform.

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