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Heartland Christian School

We recently did an install as a subcontractor to Valley Office for a customer of theirs, Heartland Christian School. The representative at Valley Office and the customer were very impressed with Jeff and extremely happy with the installation.

He went above and beyond to ensure that they had a backup in place (a.k.a The Bat Line) in the event that their phones would go down. The Secretary was extremely impressed that he was able to do that even though it wasn’t originally planned for and was very grateful.

I was also told by Valley Office that its wiring was a complete mess where their old phone system was and Jeff cleaned it up and it looks great!

THANK YOU Jeff for your hard work and going above and beyond to make our clients very happy!

Neighborhood Family Practices and Solutions

I am working on my transition plan right now, but wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with you and your amazing team Tonia and Jeff. You are so professional and responsive, and I have nothing but great things to say about you.

I will remain in the healthcare industry and if you ever need a recommendation or referral I am happy to provide one.

Volunteers of America

I would like to thank everyone for going above and beyond in working together to get the Agler Road site up and running. The client said they were “ecstatic” with the outcome of the project and having their site fully functional this morning. While there were some bumps along the way and some long, frustrating days, it was recognized and applauded by the client! Form a circle and pat each other on the back!

Mark also said that this is what VOA projects are like, complicated and potentially frustrating. I think we can all agree that they don’t have to be; together we can dial these projects in so they are a better experience for all!

We will have a project team lunch next week to celebrate, thanks again for your hard work!


Just a quick message to say “thank you” to Geoff Weisberg, and the praise that was just received from the customer. Jack called me to thank us for sending Geoff to fix his downed voicemail system. Thank you to all people in the Support department that handles these difficult calls.

Jack also told me to get that upgrade quote together because he has seen the light. He was thinking about all the applications in the auto attendant and all the recordings, everything was lost and Jack was in the line of fire from all the users. Geoff pulled it out and got the system back up and restored an old database to restore all the recordings.

Thank you Geoff!

South Russell Village

I am 100% confident we made the right choice by switching our service from Windstream POTS to a PRI, and by choosing Warwick as our equipment service provider.

Please convey my thanks in advance to Corrie and Geoff. I’m certain I’ll need to “tweak” things a bit from time to time. Also thanks to you for helping us on our initial setup and finally to Paul and Steve for taking the time to come on site to inspect our network to be certain we purchased a product to fit our needs at a reasonable cost to the village.


I just want to let you know that your company is the BEST of the BEST! As always you have given us top notch professional service. Joe came in and established the Mircom System with no issues. He was quick and efficient. We are so pleased to have your support!!!