IT Support for Schools and Universities

We help schools create an optimal learning environment.

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As an education professional, your focus should be on inspiring the young minds of tomorrow, not worrying about your school’s communication technology. With classrooms transforming into more virtual and hybrid environments, it’s important to have reliable and modern technology solutions to maintain your students’ learning. By recognizing resource challenges, Warwick develops cost-effective systems and offers expert IT support for schools, allowing educational facilities to leverage technology for both in-class and administrative use.

Facilitate Learning With Education IT Solutions

IT shortcomings can stall the learning process, so it’s important to be prepared with the right solutions to avoid jeopardizing success in the classroom. Warwick has the education IT solutions you need to keep your staff and students secure and productive.

IT Solutions for the Education Industry

With constantly evolving technology and young students who always stay on top of the latest trends, it’s essential to have the right IT solutions for the education industry. Our IT experts will ensure that you stay up to date with accessible IT resources and mobility solutions. We will also help you construct an adaptable IT infrastructure built to keep private data safe within your school’s wireless network and even further protected with a disaster recovery plan.

IT Solutions for Schools

As an education professional, you want your school district to shine. We also know that no student wants to work on a clunky, outdated computer with a spotty connection. The education IT experts at Warwick can help improve productivity and security within your school so your staff and students can continue putting forward their best work. Our cloud services and security solutions harness flexibility, productivity, and savings.

University IT Services

Higher education IT may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our university IT services will help you keep your entire campus secure while maintaining the expectations and needs of tech-savvy students. Warwick uses communication and technology solutions to transform and improve the education environment to help universities solve their business challenges with cost-effective solutions.

We are committed to providing educational institutions with the technology resources they need to succeed. Contact one of our experts today to find the right IT solutions for your facility.

How Can your School Benefit from Warwick’s Services?

Class IP phones and web conferencing solutions Enhance multi-campus, parent-teacher, and student-teacher communication
Emergency communications systems Keep parents reliably informed on students’ safety
School and/or district data backup Decrease downtime and ensure data is safe with disaster recovery
Managed IT Proactive support for your school’s PCs, laptops, and servers

Ensure functional and reliable technology school day after school day.