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Identify Your Risks
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Healthcare and educational facilities, banking and financial institutions, and retail businesses in Northeast Ohio are especially susceptible to cyberattacks. No matter your size or industry, it’s so important your company takes action quickly after threat monitoring alerts to increase your chances of a successful comeback. Warwick Communications can help you minimize the impacts following a cyber incident and even spot potential vulnerabilities. Find out how our incident response team will protect some of your most valuable assets.

Does You Need to Hire a Team to Respond to Cyber Security Incidents?

In short — yes! Your chances of recovering from a security breach are much more likely when you already have a cybersecurity services provider on retainer who is familiar with your business. They’ll be able to jump in as quickly as possible and cause minimal disruption to your operations. Whether you’re dealing with a more sophisticated ransomware attack on sensitive data, unauthorized access to emails, websites, or applications, or even a simple misconfiguration, your incident response team will step in and determine the right course of action after a cyber incident.

How to Create a Proactive Incident Response Plan?

An effective incident response plan accounts for vulnerabilities or gaps in your IT infrastructure and remediation. While the latter is incredibly important, Warwick recognizes that data protection begins with cybersecurity risk assessments, management, and better understanding your current security posture. We’ll contain the breach and respond and recover effectively, but we’ll also take all the necessary proactive measures that will significantly reduce your chances of an attack.

Security breaches affect countless Ohio businesses, but those with proactive and constant network security monitoring are best positioned to recover. Incident response and cybersecurity as a whole are no longer optional — they’re necessary to keep your business afloat. Let Warwick’s vulnerability detection software help you identify your weak points and plan for a safer, more profitable future.

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