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When we think of cybersecurity, external catalysts often come to mind. However, it’s equally important to make sure your own systems aren’t working against you. Exploit detection is one of the best ways to identify internal security risks. This service also helps you understand where your company should invest in additional security protection. Vulnerability scans can be completed on an ongoing basis, which allows you to discover even more weaknesses in real-time.

Should You Consider Using a Penetration Testing Company in Ohio Too?

Penetration testing is an even most rigorous way to test your internal systems, and exploit detection services can help before an actual attacker does. With your permission, our ethical hackers will complete a variety of simulated real-world attacks, including phishing scams, firewall and data breaches, cross-site scripting, and more. This allows us to show your IT security provider or team the areas most susceptible to potential outside attacks and help you build a risk management plan so you’re better prepared. Pen-tests go beyond your critical assets to provide an even deeper dive into your network complexities.

Are Exploit Detection or Penetration Testing Services Better?

The best way to improve your security posture is to use a combination of both services. Cleveland companies receive a much more thorough evaluation of their hardware and software vulnerabilities through pen-testing. However, vulnerability scanning is more affordable and should be used regularly to identify emerging threats as they occur. Both scenarios will help validate your network security and the methodologies you currently have in place.

If you are looking to do a vulnerability assessment or pen-test for your Ohio-based business, look no further than Warwick Communications. Our security professionals are well-versed in cybersecurity practices and will help you find where you need IT remediation. As one of the best security testing providers in the Northeast Ohio region, we offer defense for your operating systems and other business technology through cybersecurity risk assessments, vulnerability scans, technology infrastructure assessments, and web application inspections.

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