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Wondering if your small-to-mid-sized business needs a more robust protocol for cybersecurity incidents? In today’s threat landscape, a managed cyber protection provider, or managed security service (MSS), is the answer many are looking for, as they provide enhanced protection for devices, systems, networks, and other endpoint activity. Warwick will ensure that your systems are continually monitored and your data protected through carefully-curated solutions built around your company’s goals and budget.

Making Our Managed Cyber Protection Solutions Work for Your Business

Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing cybersecurity technology to keep your organization safe from even the most advanced threats. We’ve supported businesses across countless industries and have built a stellar reputation around our outsourced IT security services. Our promise to you is that you’ll direct less time and energy towards IT work and more towards your company’s operations.

Our managed cyber protection service offerings include:

  • Greater security monitoring
  • Vulnerability management
  • Threat intelligence
  • Managed detection and response

Two Primary Benefits of Working With a Managed Security Provider

With cyberattacks constantly on the rise, it is paramount that businesses prioritize their IT security, and utilizing a managed security service provider (MSSP) is one of the most valuable ways to do so. Advantages of working with an MSSP include:

Continuous Oversight Through Threat Monitoring

Our cyber threat intelligence continually monitors your internal IT infrastructure using automated threat intelligence software to call to light any threats in real-time. Threat detection plays a significant role in reducing security incidents while increasing incident response capabilities.

Layering security policies into your system strengthens your organization’s ability to defend against security threats as they arise and increases incident response time. So, we’ll also rely on other measures such as risk and security assessments and penetration testing. This form of vulnerability detection testing is an excellent way to audit your company’s network security, identify weaknesses, and discover where your business should invest in additional security protocols.

Affordable Alternative for Small-to-Mid-Sized Business

Creating your own in-house security operations center can be very expensive as finding and supporting the right security team and technology requires a large amount of funding. Outsourcing your security management service is a more affordable option. You truly get the most value for your money spent as you gain access to all the helpful security resources and response services your organization may need.

Discover the Best Managed Service Solutions in Ohio

Here at Warwick, we have redefined IT security using our available resources and expertise. We will focus on your day-to-day and big-picture tech work while you focus on running your company. Reach out to our team of security experts to see how your Ohio business could benefit from our comprehensive managed security services.

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