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Clunky, unstable technology can hinder the growth of an organization. Piecing together solutions may solve the problem in the short-term, but often lead to other challenges when businesses begin to scale. At Warwick, we help Cleveland businesses understand their IT Infrastructure with a comprehensive IT audit.

Our approach is simple, we embark on a journey to inspect your system from A to Z and uncover opportunities for improvement. With clear eyes and full hearts, we design a plan to close gaps, prioritize the needs of your organization and deliver a roadmap to an improved position. Lastly, we help key stakeholders put protocols in place to properly manage common incidents that could cause downtime and negatively impact your bottom line.

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Concise and Complete

Old school IT risk assessments often add complexity to an already complex situation. Business leaders are often left to navigate the fog wondering how to solve the issues and where to get started. Our energetic team of IT specialists inspects your infrastructure, protocols, and preventative measures to fully understand your technical and business position. Then, we deliver a clear and complete IT audit summary — in easy to understand language — that guides you to opportunities for improvement and high-priority discoveries.

What Sets Our Technology Infrastructure Audits Apart

Our infrastructure audits don’t just stop at hardware, software, and systems. Our engagements reach past the ordinary and into the ongoing performance or your IT network as a whole — including best practice recommendations around managed network security services, data backup, and disaster recovery plans.

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Our IT infrastructure Audit Report Contains

  • Server & Storage Environment Audit
  • IT Security & Compliance Testing
  • Audit of Processes & Protocols around IT
  • Software, Hardware & Licensing Audit
  • Strategic IT blueprint
  • Critical Concerns with Recommendations
  • Easy to understand Pricing Recommendations
  • Business Continuity Planning

The Warwick approach to IT Audits and risk management

Study your IT infrastructure

Our energetic team of IT specialists meets with your key stakeholders, review workflows, and inventory existing technologies, applications, and systems.

Understand your objectives

Every roadmap we build is centered around your business goals and objectives — short-term and long-term. To be effective, we must understand what you hope to accomplish one year, three years, and ten years from now.

IT gap analysis

Although this initiative sounds extremely technical, we infuse a human component to help us identify inefficiencies — time, money, and resources — in your workflows and technologies both internal and external.

Highlight IT infrastructure risks

We look at your technology infrastructure, including your security position to uncover critical security risks. The pain of some problem areas may not be felt today, but run the risk of evolving into a greater problem for your organization.

Draft and implement an informed strategic plan

When we say we do things differently, we mean it. We are not interested in long, wordy, proposals that leave you scratching your head. We dive right in and map all of the puzzle pieces, the investment required to help you transform from where you are, to where you want to be.

Naturally, hardware and applications are critical, but they are one tile of the mosaic. Let’s take a step back and see the complete body of work:

  • Each and every client we partner with brings a unique set of IT requirements — there seldomly is an “off the shelf” solution that can be applied across many organizations. We provide tailored solutions to make sure we have the most effective and efficient plan for each client partner.
  • Warwick’s solutions are centered around scalability, recommendations that can expand as your business expands without obstacles.
  • Our energetic team of IT specialists conducts extensive IT audits to discover pain points, opportunities for improvement, critical business, and technology risks along with a plan forward.
  • Future state mapping supported with short-term, hands-on, IT implementations positions you to operate effectively today, and into the future.
  • Complete cybersecurity and compliance testing helps regularly tests the effectiveness of your system as it relates to modern digital threats.
  • Warwick takes a proactive approach with your business’ information technology— monitoring 24 hours a day, detecting, and mitigating issues before they disrupt productivity.
  • Warwick’s 100% happiness, 100% of the time guarantee is more than a brand promise, it’s a belief system. We hold our team to a high standard in every aspect of our business.

Why trust Warwick with your technology infrastructure assessment?

If you’ve been burned by IT support companies in the past, you’re not alone. Traditional IT companies are infamous for lagging response times, poor communication, and random technology recommendations. Warwick is blazing a new trail, driving high-level strategy to align your technology and business goals. Warwick IT infrastructure audits go beyond— identifying gaps while designing IT solutions for rollout. With our Cleveland-based IT consulting service, you receive a comprehensive audit and a clear roadmap that better positions your organization to scale — efficiently and effectively.

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Ready to make a change?

Have you wrestled with an IT support company before— lack of urgency, inconsistent billing, too much technical jargon? We get it. Old school IT companies can be difficult and tiring to work with— below the line communication, confusing pricing, lack of personal connection.

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Did someone say upgrade?

There comes a time in many organizations where technology starts to slow, downtime starts to increase, and many simply want new features that everyone else has— we can help. Use us as a resource to better understand your options and the business value associated with optimizing your technology.

Ready to use your data to make informed business decisions?

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