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Modern organizations understand how quickly a tactical technology issue can become a significant productivity problem. IT represents the nervous system for almost every business from the data center to your endpoints, and every employee relies on it to be productive. The growth of remote working makes these truths even more significant.

Implementing Microsoft Office 365 across small and mid-sized organizations can be complex. As Office 365 experts, Warwick takes on that challenge for companies, giving their IT department time to work on more pressing needs.

Warwick’s Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services provide a sustainable operation of Office 365 solutions. The managed services cover user help desk, administration of the Office 365 ecosystem, Office 365 implementation, or evolution, including migration, backup, security, and on-demand training.

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4 Ways Hiring Cleveland Office 365 Consultants Can Impact Your Business

Warwick makes it very simple to adapt a 365 office system that delivers greater efficiency, protection, productivity, and more growth within your Cleveland business.

Enabling Teamwork

Teamwork beings with “bringing people together to share information, work together, and accomplish common goals and objectives.” Microsoft Teams, part of Office 365 and Microsoft 365, offers a hub for teamwork that brings together people for chat, meetings, calling, and real-time document collaboration.

Get Modern

The thought behind “getting modern” is to convey the value of moving from an on-premises solution to an always-updated experience powered by the cloud. A modern desktop powered by Office 365 gives our client partners a more productive, secure experience, helping small and mid-sized organizations save money and attain peace of mind.

Advanced Security

Security is “providing authorized access to information for those who need it and keeping out those who don’t.” Microsoft 365 helps businesses defend against advanced cyber threats and simplify IT management with a scalable, single solution.

Adoption & Change Mangement

Change management in the context of Office 365 is “sharing the right resource at the right time” to make sure your team adopts the new technology. Warwick provides a large library of training assets—short, concise training clips— to help your employees gain familiarity throughout the entire suite of Microsoft apps including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

How can office 365 managed services best serve you?

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A strong foundation fuels the full power of Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services

Discover and Design

We work with you to obtain clarity around your existing infrastructure, project requirements, and the specific details of what you would like to accomplish to build an initial “roadmap.” Based on the insights gathered, we begin to tailor optimal solutions using the suite of Office 365 service options.

Build to Suit

We use our roadmap to implement the tailored Office 365 solution. Within the new infrastructure, we begin shaping your set-up, which often includes an initial implementation of user permissions, user identities, passwords, and licensing so we are able to prepare a working instance of the new solution.

Observe & Test

Our team of energetic specialists, run tests against specific functionality requests within the Office 365 environment. This approach helps verify that the solution performs to everyone’s expectations under various conditions.

Deployment Day

We live for launch days. While some initial tasks may already be completed during the previous stages, deployment is the official part of the project when the bulk of your company data (e.g. email, documents, identities) is transferred and the final settings of the solution are reconfigured, including devices.

Manage & Support

With Warwick’s best-in-class support, our client partners get unlimited access to our award-winning support with unlimited level 1 and level 2 support requests and no per-incident charges.

Trust Warwick as Your Managed Office 365 Consultant Near You

Our team of energetic, Microsoft certified experts, apply their broad-based business experience and expertise to mitigate the people and technology-related risks associated with digital transformation. Our team works alongside you to manage the transition process to ensure your team is prepared, willing, and excited to be productive in the new environment.

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Have you wrestled with an IT support company before— lack of urgency, inconsistent billing, too much technical jargon? We get it. Old school IT companies can be difficult and tiring to work with— below the line communication, confusing pricing, lack of personal connection.

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Did someone say upgrade?

There comes a time in many organizations where technology starts to slow, downtime starts to increase, and many simply want new features that everyone else has— we can help. Use us as a resource to better understand your options and the business value associated with optimizing your technology.

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