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Ransomware, cyberattacks, and phishing schemes are on the rise. Contrary to popular belief, it affects more small and mid-sized businesses than large corporate entities, both in frequency and total setback. Security breaches can affect all companies, regardless of size or industry. A network or data breach’s negative impact on a business could be devastating to your bottom line. Cyber threat monitoring software lets you rest assured that your sensitive data is safe as you maintain operational continuity.

Proactive Cyber Threat Monitoring for Ohio Businesses

No matter the size or purpose of an endpoint device, it could be a threat to your Cleveland-based company if it is internet-enabled. That’s why we recommend that each of our clients invest in around-the-clock network security monitoring, penetration detection, and advanced cyber monitoring to safeguard their business effectively.

Using threat intelligence and machine learning, our cyber risk assessment services uncover weak spots and hidden security risks in your network by gathering raw data about new or existing threats from several sources. Our security teams use these data intel feeds to comprise intelligence reports that inform your organization’s decision-makers of advanced persistent threats, indicators of compromise (IoCs), and threat actors that could potentially damage your business. But why stop there when Warwick can proactively eliminate threats before they become a problem?

Why work with a cybersecurity threat analyst?

When you partner with Warwick, you gain a dedicated security threat intelligence analyst to help your business defend against cyber risks and continually strengthen your security barriers. Our cyber threat monitoring services keep you informed and are proactive (not just reactive) in providing security solutions and actionable guidelines.

Getting started with cyber threat analysis software will give you the peace of mind needed to focus on what matters most – running your business. Work with a trusted managed security service provider in Cleveland, OH, to constantly monitor and assess cyber risks, reduce your company’s security vulnerabilities, and navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape. Contact Warwick today to discuss how we can protect your Ohio-based business.

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