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While the Cleveland business community rebounds, more small businesses are looking for cost effective ways to connect with their customers. Mobile technology is at the forefront of this business growth, including many VoIP solutions and apps that make communication on-the-go possible. From small start-ups to large corporations, every business can benefit from today’s leading-edge communication tools available to smartphone and tablet users.

With a strong bio-tech presence, Intel named Cleveland a Worldwide Digital Community, attracting several large health care and technology firms to the region and adding $12 million in technology investment initiatives. Naturally, this has opened the gate for complimentary technology services such as business phone systems and IT service and support providers, who have helped to developed world-class mobile apps and products.

Let’s take a look at the top mobile communication trends taking the Cleveland business sector by storm.


Location-Based Message Delivery

When it comes to getting in front of more prospects and maintaining the connection with customers, location-based mobile messaging has been shown to increase conversions with the Cleveland crowd. Smartphone users are tracked via built-in GPS technology, with mobile advertisements that are geared towards local consumers.


Niche Market Social Networks

Along with the wildly popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, there have been a number of niche market social networks to arrive on the scene in Cleveland and other US cities. Instagram is one of many that encourage mobile users to share images and experiences with just a few clicks.


VoIP Mobile Apps

When voice over Internet protocol was first introduced into the Cleveland business market, it was mostly adopted at the enterprise level. Now, however thanks to small business VoIP technology, this streamlined method of communication is available to all. This enables more people to connect all using the cost efficient method of their mobile computing devices.


E-Commerce CRM Mobility

The Great Recession as it’s so fondly been named affected Cleveland’s industries, but no more so that the small businesses who struggled against larger chains. Now, the playing field has been evened thanks to e-commerce business models, facilitated via mobile apps and customer relationship management systems.


Context-Aware Information

Imagine being able to get inside the minds of each individual mobile user without the need for IT support or a crystal ball? With the addition of context-aware software, mobile communicators are fed a never-ending stream of customized content via their news feeds and apps. Data is tracked based on user preferences and browser search habits.

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