5 Reasons Small Businesses Need a VoIP System

close-up of dialing a phone

Has your business ditched its land line yet? If you haven’t considered moving to a VoIP system, this is the time to take the leap. VoIP technology, which uses the internet to make calls, continues to grow in popularity and is slowly phasing out traditional business phone systems. For small businesses, in particular, there are compelling reasons to make the switch. Let’s look at five advantages small businesses enjoy when they use VoIP service providers:

Low cost

Let’s face it, traditional phone systems are pricey. Most small businesses have a limited budget for business technology – Why blow it on old-fashioned phone hardware? Business VoIP services tend to require much less of a hardware investment.


If you’ve got a small business, it’s likely to grow over time. Do you want to continually invest in additional hardware as you expand your offices and increase your staff? If you have a business VoIP system, extending the network is both simple and inexpensive.

Improved customer support

Traditional phone service companies operate under somewhat antiquated business models. It’s no surprise that they often have a hard time responding to their customers’ needs in a quick and simple manner. Small businesses can’t rely on their IT support staff to try to figure out these issues. This is where VoIP has a major edge: built on cutting-edge systems, and with web-based customer support, VoIP vendors can provide speedy, effective service to their customers.


Are your employees spread out geographically? Does your staff travel frequently? With a hosted VoIP service, remote employees can communicate with their colleagues at no additional cost. Even better, all employees can utilize the same calling and messaging functionality, whether they’re out in the field, traveling or in the office.

Ease of use

Some of the features offered by traditional phone providers are, well, not exactly user-friendly. Navigating through awkward phone interfaces to set up call forwarding or accessing voicemail from a remote location is frustrating for most employees. A great thing about business VoIP is that it integrates seamlessly with the technology with which your employees are already comfortable: mobile devices and the web. Call forwarding is a simple, streamlined process, and voicemail can easily be accessed through email or on a mobile device.

As you can see, VoIP technology has a lot to offer for small businesses. Companies here in Cleveland and all over the country have been embracing the power of VoIP. Are you ready?