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Which patches should you look for and where can you find them?

  • If your systems are up-to date with the March 2017 Security patch, your machines should be protected. Additionally, because of Microsoft’s cumulative patch rollup model, if the April 2017 or May 2017 Security patches are installed, your machines should be protected as well.
  • To review whether the updates are installed or not, please refer to the Installed Update Report under Reports > Patches > Microsoft Update Multi Site Report and select all of your sites/systems. If you are looking for a specific patch, enter the desired KB article and click Submit. If not, just click Submit.
  • After clicking the submit button, you will see a report that lists all patches installed on each system. To view more details, click on the hyperlinked text, Against System or Patch. This report can be exported.

Additionally, if you are a Warwick Managed IT Services client, these Microsoft updates were performed upon rollout along with extra whitelisted updates to beef up security. This is a comprehensive list of the security patches that were installed for Managed IT clients in addition to the Microsoft patch.


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