Hiring Top Talent: Have You Considered Remote Employees?

gentleman wearing headphones and typing on computer

Attracting and retaining the right talent can be difficult. However, hiring remote workers can lead to happier staff, increased productivity, and an improved bottom line.

No geographical limitations

If you’re struggling to hire the right candidate for a position, it could be geographical constraints holding you back. By opening your search up to telecommuters, you’re casting a wider net, increasing your chances of hiring the right person for the job, no matter where they are located.

Less overhead

While this may not be the case in all industries, many employees are willing to take a decrease in pay if they are able to telecommute. Not to mention the decrease in office space, utilities, furniture, refreshments, and more associated with having a remote workforce.

Fewer distractions and interruptions from colleagues 

It’s no surprise that distractions can kill productivity. Loud colleagues, impromptu meetings, long coffee breaks and more can stop an employee’s train of thought and easily get them off task. Working remotely decreases the chances that these distractions will occur and allows staff to be more productive in their own, comfortable space.

More productivity

Speaking of, remote workers do tend to be more productive, a fact that can oftentimes surprise people. Sure, it can be due to a lack of the distractions mentioned above, but remote workers also have no commute, are characteristically self-motivated and typically take it upon themselves to finish work on their own time, not during set hours.

Increased employee satisfaction

When considering jobs, it’s no surprise that potential employees rank work-life balance extremely high. A large part of that balance is flexibility. By allowing employees to work remotely (some or all of the time), you’re showing them that you appreciate and trust them. This makes it even more likely that they will want to work harder and be more productive for you. You may see reduced absences and a higher retention rate.

Future success

Remote work is on the rise across many industries. In fact, 85% of millennials hope to work remotely full-time someday. By adapting to this growing trend early on, you’re setting your company up for success into the future.

Remote work and the right technology partner

In order to employ remote workers, your technology must be up to speed. By working with an MSSP that understands your unique needs and customizes your solution to meet them, you’ll be giving remote workers the tools they need to succeed while simultaneously benefiting your business.

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