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In the old days, Private Branch Exchange or PBX was simply a way to get around paying for multiple land lines. Just a couple of decades ago, businesses started realizing that they could buy multi-line access without paying for each additional incoming business line to an office or location.

But what has been considered traditional PBX has come a long way since then. New sets of functionality and different kinds of telecom and web services are pushing the boundaries on what businesses can do with modern phone systems.

Virtual Voice Services

Modern PBX systems come with a lot of up-front cost savings for businesses. PBX and VoIP providers offer telecom setups where businesses don’t have to invest in actual telephones or lines. Instead, they pick from a menu of services available from an off-site location.

Off-site Data Storage

Another big plus for businesses is that many of these modern systems allow for easy off-site data storage. That means that all of the extremely valuable customer information and other details coming in from phone or digital messages can remain secure at the VoIP providers facility. With this kind of agreement in place, businesses don’t need to worry about their own internal security for data. Their insurance costs may be lower. Operational costs will definitely be lower. Off-site data storage is one of the premium services that is innovating how businesses think about PBX today.

Remote Work Solutions

Many of us have now heard about the boss-less and even worker-less office of the future. Many kinds of companies are hard at work envisioning tomorrows high-tech office where more and more of the businesss professionals telecommute from homes or other locations. New kinds of VoIP solutions support this kind of telework with state-of-the-art features around call and hours tracking, business process automation, and remote business process handling. This allows top-level managers to “farm out” work in ways that would have been simply inconceivable just years ago.

Built-in Device Support

Through the use of softphone clients and other kinds of resources, modern PBX and VoIP packages can include helpful routing of calls or messaging to individual computers, smartphones or tablets. This is allowing for even more precise customer and communications management for executives and other top brass.

Look at all of these ways that modern service providers support businesses and think about how your business system could benefit from an upgrade to a state-of-the-art “modern PBX” for the future.

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