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As a small business, it can prove difficult to compete with larger companies within your industry. Though there are numerous benefits to being small, sometimes it pays to appear large. Luckily, with modern communications technology, you can have the best of both worlds. These business phone features allow you to seem just as big as your competition.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding allows calls to be automatically forwarded to another destination, such as a mobile number or a coworker’s line, as designated by the original call receiver. This way, if a person is not in the office, they can ensure their incoming calls will still be accounted for.

Auto attendant

An automated attendant, or auto attendant, is a voice menu system that allows callers to choose an option or an extension without having to speak with a receptionist or operator. This simplifies the incoming phone call procedure and ensures a caller never hears continuous ringing if someone is unable to pick up the phone.

Hold music

When a caller is on hold, music or some kind of on hold message provides a professional and streamlined experience while ensuring the caller knows that the call was not dropped.

Call transferring

If a caller needs to speak with someone else within the organization, call transferring allows the original receiver to transfer the caller to another department or coworker. This leads to a better customer experience, making it so the caller doesn’t have to hang up and dial a different number.

Call recording

Monitoring calls, especially customer service calls, can provide valuable training opportunities and can make quality assurance simple. Additionally, it shows your customers that you’re doing your part to continuously maintain a high level of service.

By working with a trusted communications partner, you can feel confident that your custom business phone solution offers the features you need. Contact Warwick and learn more about our services.


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