Call Recording … Not Just for Call Centers

close-up of headset and phone on desk

Any business that relies heavily on communication via the phone with customers should explore the solutions that Call Recording Software can provide.  Call recording technology can play a valuable role for many different types of businesses, especially those with a dedicated customer service department, inside sales department, or call center.

These software programs digitally capture phone conversations and allow you to retrieve calls, playback conversations and have live call monitoring.  By capturing phone-based interactions, you have the tools to proactively manage and improve quality assurance, risk management, customer retention, dispute resolution, and other critical concerns facing your organization.

There are a variety of Call Recording Software packages (depending upon the size of your company and your specific needs) that integrate with both digital and VoIP phone systems.  You need to analyze the ROI (return on investment) that this software could provide.

Some measurable results that could have a direct financial impact include:

  • Reducing average call handling time.
  • Improving 1st call resolution rates.
  • Reducing the # of days it takes a new employee to get up to speed.
  • Reducing the amount of time supervisors spend monitoring employees.
  • Providing a record of over-the-phone sales transactions.
  • Complying with regulated industry call recording requirements.
  • Other results, not directly tied to the P&L, include increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.  Employee morale often improves as real-time coaching and personal development is now a focus.

When reviewing the costs associated with Call Recording Software, make sure to look at the hardware, software, training, licensing, and ongoing maintenance fees.

Call recording technology can easily have a positive impact on your business!