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Warwick is all about connecting you and your business with the communications technology that’ll help you succeed. We do that best by staying up-to-date with the latest innovations and keeping our eyes and ears open to tech and business trends. Oddly (and aptly) enough, in a customer service landscape increasingly dominated by social media, we hear that the telephone seems to be experiencing rebirth as a valuable tool for connecting with customers.

A recent article on highlighted the telephone use of Zappos. The successful company is known for being social media savvy, but their call center has fast made them perhaps even better known for excellence in customer service:

“Emotional connections with customers are critical to Zappos, and they should be critical of businesses of all sizes. Research shows they are also central to what makes people want to share stories and word of mouth. Emotions are hard to convey through short tweets or Facebook posts, but not so when talking to customers face-to-face or over the phone.”

The lesson for all of us is one about the value of communication and genuine connectedness with our customers. As we regularly rifle through our bag of communication resources, let us not overlook the powerful tool we have in the phone!

Of course, as a communications company, we are on-board! Sure, we enjoy connecting with you online (via Facebook and Twitter), but we believe in the “old-fashioned” telephone call, too. To that end, if you have questions or would like a consultation, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 216-787-0300!

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