How To Dispose Of Old Electronic Devices

keyboards inside of a recycling bin

Your trash can be cash! Throw out your electronics safely and get paid for it.

Santa has made his rounds and left your house with the newest gadgets and technology devices! Now, you may be asking yourself what to do with the pile of outdated devices, cords, and plug-ins that are collecting dust and taking up space? Do not throw them out! Valuable information may still be on them.

Information security is one of the top concerns because of the damage that a hacker can cause with basic information. This year, let’s do our part to recycle, securely dispose of devices, and earn some much needed cash after the holidays!

Start by grabbing one of those big leftover cardboard boxes and continue to fill it with old batteries, broken electronic devices, old speakers, TV’s, computer monitors, keyboards, chargers, floppy disks, CD’s, cell phones, printers, all phone equipment, and video game systems. These are all qualifying items that recycling companies pay cash for on the spot! They also wipe any data off of your devices so it is completely unrecoverable.

It is important to properly dispose of these old electronics for the health of the environment, your wallet, and personal information security. Find a drop off spot near you!

List of Ohio Drop Off Locations