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Like any other technology, there comes a time where every phone system needs replaced. Whether your business’ communications needs are changing, or you simply desire advanced features and functionality, here are some of the signs that it’s time to upgrade your system.

Your company is growing

A business that is growing needs technology that can scale with it. Whether you are expanding to new locations, creating a new department, tapping into a new market or you’re simply onboarding more employees, you’ll want to evaluate your current system and determine if it can handle the growth your company is anticipating.

You require additional features

A phone system shouldn’t just make calls and record messages anymore. Technology is changing rapidly and it’s quite possible that your current system simply can’t adapt to your business’ needs. Perhaps you need video capabilities, mobile functionality for those working remotely, call recording or data capture integration. Upgrading your system will ensure you have the features you need to conduct business effectively.

Customers are having a hard time reaching you

If all your customers get when they call you is a busy signal or a loop of voice recordings, not only are you offering a negative customer experience, you are likely missing out on a ton of business. It’s time to upgrade to a phone system that makes it easy for your customers to reach you quickly, how and when they need to.

Employees are experiencing downtime due to breakdowns

Like with any equipment, phone system breakdowns can happen. However, when you experience frequent and long-lasting downtime due to equipment failures, you likely have a critical problem with your current system.

Employees can’t communicate outside the office

Whether we like it or not, business today happens on the go. Your customers want to reach you wherever and whenever. If your phone system does not have mobile capabilities, you may be lacking the transparency and accessibility that your competitors offer.

You are adding a call center

If you are planning to set up an in-house customer service department or call center, you will certainly need to upgrade your current phone system in order to accommodate the new functionality needed. Features like call recording, virtual queues, and reporting are all capabilities to consider.

If you’re starting to question if it’s time to upgrade your business’ phone system, we can help! We have many customizable options available, including Lattice, a worry-free voice-as-a-service solution that includes your communications system and provides ongoing support throughout the lifetime of the agreement all for a competitive monthly fee. Lattice has the ability to grow and scale as your business does and helps you to avoid costly repairs and updates.

Learn more about Lattice and give us a call to discuss your options.

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