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We talk a lot about keeping an open line of communication with your customers. It’s important. It drives your business. However, we truly feel that it’s just as important, if not more important, to promote strong internal communication. The way you communicate with your employees and the way your employees communicate with each other sets the foundation for your company culture. When done correctly, good internal communication can lead to stronger teams, enhanced customer service, increased employee engagement, better productivity and reduced conflict. See our tips for improving communication within your organization below.

Encourage open communication

Internal communication is not a one-way street. Communication should flow in multiple ways and you should actively encourage open avenues of communication, feedback, collaboration and information/idea sharing.

Lead by example

How you communicate with your staff will set the bar for how they communicate with each other and with customers. If you want employees to communicate well, show them how it’s done. Communicate often and clearly in an appropriate tone. Encourage leadership to do the same.

Invest in the right technology

Equip your team with the technology they need to communicate effectively. For example, an internal chat feature facilitates easy communication between employees and may cut down on the amount of time employees have to spend writing emails or sitting in meetings.

Don’t make email the preferred method

Email is great for certain messages however, it’s not always the most effective communication channel. Encourage employees to pick up the phone, have a conversation via chat or walk over and talk face-to-face with their teammates. This encourages collaborative communication, and often yields better results.

Treat staff like a customer

Don’t just shoot your employees an email to check it off your list. Communicate with intention, always have a clear message in mind and put as much time into employee communications as you would your communications with a client. Always test different avenues and platforms to see what works best, and encourage feedback so you can continuously improve upon your processes.

At the end of the day, strong internal communication promotes strong external communication. Work with a business technology solutions provider who can help you with both. Contact Warwick today.

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