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The contact center industry has always been focused on handling incoming calls and contacts. And historically, contact center solutions were designed to channel, monitor and improve the performance of agents as they dealt with increasing inbound volumes. With the growth of contact centers has come the rise of the outbound contact center. Previously, inbound and outbound contact centers served two unique customer bases. Inbound contact centers managed incoming sales and support inquiries, whereas outbound contact centers were typically limited to collections and telemarketing. However, as contact center solutions became more robust and feature-rich, businesses saw the value of the blended contact center.

In the blended contact center, agents can both make and receive calls and multimedia contacts by combining Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for incoming calls with predictive dialing for outbound calls. This optimizes agent productivity by ensuring that agents do not sit idle between calls. Increasingly, inbound agents are being used to notify customers of changes to their accounts, payments due or appointment reminders. Customers can choose to receive these notifications by voice telephone calls, SMS text or email, which results in a reduction of inbound call volume, a boost in customer satisfaction, and ultimately, lower operating costs.

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