IT Outsourcing: Choosing Managed or Co-Managed IT Services for Your Business

company discussing it outsourcing options

Co-managed IT is a newer concept that tackles a major gap in the IT service industry. Having an outsourced provider that handles specific business needs vs. the entire big picture works better for many companies, but there are benefits to both types of arrangements. As with all partnerships, finding the right one boils down to your specific needs as an organization. Review our IT outsourcing guide to see which one works best for you.

Should I Outsource IT Services?

The benefits of outsourcing to either a managed service provider or a co-managed service provider can’t be understated. In either case, you’re taking a more proactive approach to your IT needs, which is essential to mitigating business loss, downtime, and cybersecurity incidents, adapting to an ever-changing digital landscape, and more.

Outsourcing takes a tremendous burden off your employee’s backs. If you already have an IT team in place, your service provider can help them better manage their processes. Think of it as growing your IT capabilities without having to add staff.

What a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Offers

A full-time MSP is better suited for you if you need an all-encompassing strategy for your IT needs. These providers take care of all your IT functions, making it ideal for companies with little-to-no IT staff or who need to create or revamp their overall strategy.

MSPs can evaluate your current IT processes to determine what is and isn’t working or help build an IT plan from scratch. A big part of this process is understanding a client’s unique goals and challenges to make the right recommendations. From there, they’ll build out an IT framework that accounts for cybersecurity, server maintenance, cloud storage, technical support, and more.

When to Use a Co-Managed Service Provider Instead

With co-managed IT operations, you can get as much or as little help as needed. Clients typically have their own IT department in these cases but need assistance with specific business processes. These solutions are tailored to the company’s goals and can co-exist with other IT competencies.

This solution brings IT support at a lower cost, so it is definitely a nice option for companies with financial limitations. Plus, these arrangements are very scalable, so you can always trickle in more support as needed.

Which Type of Outsourcing Provider is Right For Me?

Below is a quick synopsis of each outsourcing model:

Managed IT Service

  • One dedicated team covering all IT infrastructure
  • Better for total digital transformation
  • All-inclusive IT solution
  • Around-the-clock security monitoring
  • Remote or on-site support

Co-Managed IT Service

  • Support for specific IT gaps
  • Better for partnering with an in-house team
  • Cost-reduction IT strategy
  • Around-the-clock security monitoring
  • Remote or on-site support

Warwick is happy to offer both types of IT outsourcing services to corporations, small businesses, and everyone in between. Our IT professionals believe in scalable information technology services, comprehensive security monitoring, and white-glove support. Together, we can create the right strategy for you.

If you aren’t sure what types of IT services you need, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. When you’re ready, contact us to learn more about our co-managed and managed IT services!