4 Must-Have IT Solutions for Ohio Schools

student web conferencing with teachers through ip phone services

COVID-19 led to many businesses and schools establishing remote operations, changing the way people interact and learn. Remote learning has its benefits, but not all establishments are set up for this transition. Establishing safe and secure connectivity for your school is of utmost importance. If you are a board member curious about available IT solutions for Ohio schools, keep reading!

4 IT Solutions Ohio Schools Need

Among the challenges of remote learning is efficient technology solutions and support services for multi-campus and K-12 schools. Listed below are productive ways to optimize and secure your Ohio school’s learning environment.

1. Web Conferencing

Today’s teachers need to be able to quickly consult with other faculty, conduct impactful online lessons remotely, and safely communicate with their students. Their solution is the implementation of a web conferencing software. Once installed, you will be able to conduct secure lessons or meetings with your class, individual students, or small breakout groups, streamlining communication between student and teacher.

Student accessibility plays a significant role in a web conferencing system. The ability to record lessons allows every student to go back and clarify something they missed or review the lesson if they missed a day, giving each child the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Additionally, you can easily transfer lesson notes, slides, and quizzes to students safely and securely from within the platform.

2. Emergency Communications Systems

In today’s schools, communication is key to school safety. The average American public school has roughly 500 students, with colleges and universities’ enrollment landing in the thousands. In times of emergency, you must be able to communicate with every student and educator.

An efficient emergency communications system, like a schoolwide alert mechanism, can save precious time during emergencies. Sending out an emergency alert ensures every person on an Ohio school campus will receive important information in real-time and have time to evacuate or react to the situation. Link your emergency alerts to the school’s IP phone system for optimal results.

3. School or School District Data Backup

Remote learning means that many documents are sent and received over the internet and often need to be retrieved later. Having your Ohio school’s or school district’s data backed up in the Cloud makes sending, receiving, and retrieving important documents safe, secure, and accessible. Data backup is especially vital in case of a disaster. If a fire or natural disaster rolls through your school, you can rest assured all your important data is alive and well in the Cloud. Consider implementing Cloud services after assessing your school or district’s needs when it comes to data backup.

4. Managed IT Services

By covering minute tasks like troubleshooting a student’s computer, resolving a teacher’s issue with video conferencing, and assisting parents in logging into a parent portal, managed IT services can help administrators and school leaders focus on the student learning experience. IT management provides support services, guarantees information security, and ensures the continuity of educational services.

Remote learning presents unique challenges for traditional schools and colleges dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. If you need help implementing these must-have technology solutions in your Ohio school, reach out to an IT expert at Warwick Communications today!