Keeping your Company’s Network Safe & Secure

female it engineer working in monitoring room

What is network security?

Network security involves taking preventative measures to protect a company’s network infrastructure from unauthorized access, hacks, modification and more.

How secure is our network?

It’s a question that businesses don’t ask enough. As a leader in your organization, here are some other questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to your company’s network security:

  • Is your network open to an attack on your unmonitored and out-of-date computer or user accounts?
  • Is your password policy making you an easy target?
  • Are your servers and workstations properly patched?
  • Is an AntiVirus/AntiMalware solution installed throughout your environment and updated regularly?
  • Is anything stopping users or a guest from directly accessing your server/infrastructure hardware?
  • Would employees know if they had been tricked into giving out IP or company information resulting in a hack or randomware attack?

If any of these questions have you thinking, it may be time to reevaluate your network security initiatives.

How to improve your network security

The first step to improving your company’s network security is to contact a trusted technology company. An IT and network expert can run a test against the most common attack points to let you know how secure your network really is. A technology company can also help you implement network security best practices in order to greatly reduce your risk exposure. Some best practices include:

  • Setting up proper password procedures. This includes equipping wireless networks, equipment and important data with password protection. Each user in your organization should have a unique username and password that are not easy to guess.
  • Conducting background checks on all new employees. Believe it or not, many hacks happen within company walls. Employees should be thoroughly screened before they are hired.
  • Keeping all software up to date. Updating software frequently will help to fix areas of vulnerability that have been detected.

. . . and many more!

Employee training

Procedures and best practices that a technology company helps you put into place will only work as well as the employees that implement them. Unfortunately, many security breaches occur because of human carelessness or error. Build a culture that emphasizes security by keeping staff informed and educated on your company’s security strategies and procedures. Ensure employees are aware of your company’s security procedures, know how to spot red flags and understand what to do if they believe a breach has occurred.

Need to bulk up your company’s network security? Contact Warwick to learn more about how we can help you keep your network safe and secure.