Migrating from a Toshiba System

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Get the inside scoop on system selection to maximize return on investment.

Toshiba unexpectedly announced the closing of its Telecommunications division on March 21st. This means parts replacements are dependent upon existing inventory and software updates have come to an end. For businesses that have invested in a Toshiba system, equipment will become outdated and will eventually be beyond repair. This holds true for anyone who purchased a Toshiba system 20 years ago or within the last year.

The next step to planning your business telecommunications is a crucial one! You are already ahead of the curve by understanding the need to migrate to another system. However, choosing another system doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Warwick can guide you through the process of selecting a lasting system that with deliver the best return on your investment. 

Is cost a concern for you? Ask your Warwick consultant about current discounts.