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Hiring outsourced IT is a smart move that can ensure your business is secure, efficient and always up and running. However, when it comes to doing research and choosing the right IT partner, the vast amount of information out there can make the process feel daunting and even confusing. Specifically, you may have heard the terms MSP and MSSP. They sound similar, right? While both cover some aspects of security, there are some major differences between these two types of providers.

MSP: Managed Service Provider

MSPs, or managed service providers, offer network, application and system services and support for a set monthly fee. Services might include help desk support, configuration, onsite services and limited IT security monitoring. The main focus of an MSP is to oversee the overall operation, ensuring everything from an IT standpoint is functioning correctly and efficiently.

MSSP: Managed Security Service Provider

MSSPs, or managed security service providers, offer more robust security options as part of their managed services packages. MSSPs concentrate on IT security and may offer things like intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and anti-virus services. In addition to overseeing all facets of IT, the main focus of an MSSP is to ensure your company’s data is secure and protected with proactive security solutions.

The ultimate solution

By partnering with a company that has robust managed services offerings as well as strong IT security solutions, you can feel confident knowing that your network and systems will function correctly and remain extremely secure.

How Warwick is adapting to the needs of modern businesses

It’s possible to find both of these important functions in one company. That’s where Warwick comes in. While we’ve always been in the business of providing top-of-the-line managed services, our new Chief Information Security Officer, Dan Banick, is allowing us to take our MSSP offerings to the next level. Drawing upon Dan’s experience with the enterprise security practices of some of the world’s largest financial institutions, Warwick is now offering right-sized programs for small and medium businesses in a full life-cycle to prevent, mitigate and recover from security and compliance issues. Our new offerings reduce vulnerability to cyber-crime, enhance response to security incidents and prepare organizations for system compromises and data breaches.

At Warwick, we’re committed to providing the very best when it comes to our managed services, and that includes robust security offerings. Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions.

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