Small Business Phone Systems You Should Consider

small business phone system with advanced features and capabilities

Some small businesses might find that they are surviving perfectly fine without a good office phone system. However, with over 68% of consumers preferring to communicate with a small business by phone, you should consider one for your future success. Below we will break down a few of the best small business phone systems available to you and explain why you should even have one in place.

What Can a Phone System Do For Small Businesses?

Today’s phone systems can do so much to make your business communication more manageable and efficient.

Adding a small business phone system can:

  • Optimize internal and external communication
  • Unify communication systems
  • Provide flexibility to connect in multiple ways
  • Include call management, voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, call recording, call transfer, and more
  • Easily track call duration, incoming calls, hold times, and overall usage
  • Enhances your multi-line telephone system, call quality, and analog services

Phone Services Your Small Business Should Use

Below we discuss a few of the most common phone system services, all of which offer advanced features and can be tailored to your unique needs.

  • Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)
    UCaaS enhances efficiency by combining internet-based phone call and team messaging services into a comprehensive cloud-based communication platform that includes hosted and chat features and allows for virtual and phone meetings. UCaaS accounts for your desk phones, mobile devices, and landlines in one well-rounded service. You can enjoy add-ons such as mobile apps, screen sharing, auto-attendant, call routing, video conferencing, phone solution capabilities, and more on top of the traditional phone system calling features.
  • On-Premise Solutions
    On-premise solutions allow you to control the software and server, which many businesses enjoy. Then a third party will act as a point-of-contact and provide you with integration and support services. This solution requires you to purchase the software and license and maintain the bulk of it yourself. It’s important to note that most on-premise solutions need an in-house IT/tech specialist, as they will be the ones keeping it up and running. On-premise solutions are also at the forefront of organizations with specific catalysts and business needs.
  • Hosted Solutions
    While this popular solution follows the same foundation as on-premise solutions, there is a large difference. This specific solution is strictly a cloud-based voice system and requires you to purchase the software and license. Once installed, a third party will provide the server that runs the software for you. Hosted solutions are desirable for businesses that do not have access to an IT department but still want accessibility to maintain control with an in-house system.
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
    This option is especially excellent for digital businesses. As adaptation is a crucial component of this industry, many small business owners find a hybrid cloud solution to be an efficient and effective way to manage their digital communication. A hybrid cloud solution allows you to combine public and private clouds, along with on-premise resources for optimal functionality. Your service provider should still be available for any tech assistance. If you are looking for a flexible and more digital solution, this may be for you.
  • Private Cloud Solutions
    Your company’s privacy is important, especially as team members work remotely. With your staff using different internet connections on their mobile phones, virtual phone systems, and desktop apps, a private cloud system is an excellent solution to make sure no one else can access your data. This will keep your servers completely internal and running safely.

Regardless of what services best fit your needs, make sure to do your research. Find out which features and aspects will be the best business phone system for your company, employees, and consumers.

When you decide to either set up or upgrade your phone system, Warwick is an excellent choice. We are available with customer support and are happy to answer any questions you may have about implementing or utilizing your system. Contact Warwick today to ensure your business communication goes off without a hitch!