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Warwick has evolved over the last few years into a leading-edge provider of business technology solutions. We’ve added product lines. We’ve enhanced our solutions team, our support team, and our virtual I.T. services team. We’ve even got a brand new corporate headquarters.

Our team felt it was time that our brand gave a better indication of who we are today. We are very proud to show you the new Warwick brand.

The first major change you’ll notice is that we are now Warwick instead of Warwick Communications. Today, our products and services represent a much wider range of solutions than just voice communications. We help businesses with the installation and maintenance of servers, pc’s, tablets, and other devices. We help clients plan and implement their technology infrastructure. We are a full-service business technology company.

You’ll also see that our logo has received a major update. Our old logo was based on the idea of a telephone cord wrapped into a “W” and a “C”. Yet, today, many of our solutions are wireless. Cords are becoming a thing of the past. We feel that our new logo is a better representation of the modern company that we are. You’ll also notice the criss-cross shape in our logo icon that forms a “W”. For us, this represents the intersection of voice and data. Voice communication and data used to be separate, but they now overlap in many ways.

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