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Continued support for Toshiba systems: We remain committed.

Unexpectedly, Warwick received notice on March 21st that Toshiba will be closing its telecommunications division immediately.  There will be no additional product development or software updates to any Toshiba systems. Despite the abrupt closing, Toshiba will continue supporting dealers like Warwick in all warranty and maintenance obligations. This includes fulfillment of orders for system and components subject to inventory availability.

If you are currently covered by a Warwick Support Agreement, we will continue to support your system. If you do not have a current support agreement, we will provide support on a best effort basis.

Warwick is determined to provide the best possible support for Toshiba systems through our internal personnel and other dealer resources. We remain committed to managing your technology!

If you have questions regarding the Toshiba telecommunications division closing, or wish to initiate discussing your future technology needs, contact Warwick directly at 800.860.0300.

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