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The Virtual Business Structure

Are you looking for ways to save money for your business? A virtualized infrastructure can lead to massive savings in power costs and hardware replacement – we can consolidate your current servers and create a centrally managed virtual environment without downtime or interruption to your business processes. Here are some of the advantages:

You only need the power and hardware to run the virtual environment, this will cut your server power consumption costs and means less frequent hardware refreshing. There is efficient and dynamic use of available resources – our virtual environment solution can dynamically allocate resources on demand. This means machines are automatically powered on and off as needed and each machine’s hardware is fully utilized. There is no waste and no excess. Our complete solution also gives zero downtime and an instantly restorable backup from virtual “snapshots” – if your server’s operating system is compromised we can restore it in minutes rather than hours. We can even provide a virtualized desktop experience – ensuring consistency and simple deployment through the entire business.

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