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The telephone is still one of the most widely used business tools and a very efficient way to communicate. What’s changing, according to a Visiongain/Reportlinker press release, is the way that our phones are connected. Traditional voice technologies are in decline, but spending on VoIP is now up to $65 billion. Businesses are making the switch because VoIP can deliver outstanding voice quality, powerful features, and amazing value.

Some businesses are installing and maintaining their own system and others are utilizing a hosted approach. There’s a lot to consider with each option, but flexibility and support options of Hosted VoIP are revolutionizing enterprise communications.

What Is VoIP?

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol carries phone calls via IP data network rather than across traditional phone lines. That means your call takes place over an internet connection or an internal IP network. VoIP decreases costs by using a data network rather than a phone company’s plan. Such IP telephony has all the basic features – hold, transfer, conference calling, and call forward – as well as extended services like billing or dialing functions.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP options give you the utility without the headache, offering any business the cutting edge of enterprise-grade telephony. Reduce your communication expenses while letting experienced professionals handle the hardware and software. Improve staff productivity and increase your system’s functional “uptime” by using a hosted VoIP system, so your people can focus on their own jobs and not the VoIP system.

Take hosted VoIP to the Next Level

Warwick’s unique VoIP solution gives any office world-class functionality. Since your business subscribes to a service instead of purchasing and managing the system, your business significantly reduces upfront costs while ensuring a reliable, secure, and well-supported IP phone system.

Warwick Virtual Voice (WVV) offers unlimited domestic use and voicemail; caller ID and blocking; conferencing that supports both conference rooms and remote or home workers; cloud-based call recording; lifetime software upgrades; international calling; music on hold; and more. Warwick inspects your facility, designs a custom solution, implements the design, and supports your people every step of the way.

With infinite scalability that can grow as your business does, WVV gives you business-class voice quality and quick, painless implementation. Let Warwick’s off-site data center manage your system – all you need is a phone and an internet connection.

Hosted VoIP gives you flexible, powerful connectivity and sustains a healthy bottom line. Let Warwick Communications help your connections thrive.

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